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Imposter Syndrome is Bullshit

Sep 23, 2019 - 2 minute read

There. I said it.

I wanted to take a little bit of time to recap my weekend spent in Raleigh, North Carolina, at the PowerShell Saturday event put on by the local user group there. Man, what a great time.

It was exciting to see so many people (around 100!) come together to learn from one another. There were many first time speakers at the event, and it was refreshing to see and hear them be successful.

Community is the biggest and best aspect of PowerShell to me, personally. I feel thankful every day that I’m in a position that affords me the opportunity to reach out and assist people from all over the world resolve complex problems in their environments using PowerShell.

If you’re on the fence about becoming more active, or are scared that what you’ve done to date isn’t “good enough”, just stop. You’ve solved a complex problem that will help someone else, I guarantee it. So share! There are so many amazing communities and avenues available to you to do so, and I challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone and join in the conversation. There’s a very active community of folks in the PowerShell Slack channel, which is helpfully bridged to Discord if you prefer that chat client.

You’ll also find many of us on Twitter. (Seriously, follow me!), you’ll be able to connect with at on of people directly off of my following/followers list.

Look in your local area for a PowerShell User Group. There’s a section of Slack dedicated to many of them, so jump in and say “Hi”, and get details on when meetings are. If there are none close to you, many of the larger ones in big metro areas have the ability to join remotely via Webex, or Zoom, or some other online web conference platform. It’s a great way to join in if you are geographically unable to attend in person.

Share that first script, throw it in a gist and link to it somewhere. Ask questions (there aren’t any stupid ones, and someone who tells you otherwise is lying). YOU make the community great, and I look forward to sharing in your success in the future. In closing, for real, Imposter Syndrome is bullshit, so come join the fun!